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3 Things you need to know to KEEP the weight off.

"Yay! I lost 3 pounds! Oh, I gained it back...Yay! I lost 4 pounds! Oh, I gained it back.."

Sound familiar?? If you are sick of your weight yoyo-ing, here are 3 thing you need to know to KEEP the weight off!

1. Track your intake

Tracking your food intake each day is a great way to see where you fall short in your diet or where you may need to scale back. Many people tend to track calories,however, it is important to track macro nutrients as well. Macro nutrients (macros) are protein, carbs, and fat. By tracking macros you get a better picture of what you are eating. You can use a good ol' pen and paper to log your food or use an app like to do all the work for you. It is important to consume enough carbs and fats,however, for weight loss you want your protein intake to be the highest.

2. Let a "bad day" be a bad DAY

Every day is not going to be perfect. And that is OKAY as long as it stops there. Do not let a bad day turn into a bad week or month.. If your day doesn't go as planned or your guilty pleasure got the best of you, no need to panic. Simply put that day behind you and get right back on track the next day! I know it's easier said then done but just remember one bad day DOES NOT mean you "ruined your progress". Keep going.

3. Give In to your Favorites

Yes, give in to the foods you love sometimes. This does not mean go binge eat cookies "because Nene said it's okay". I mean incorporate flexibility into your structured plan. If you go on an incredibly strict diet you may lose weight but how long will you stick to that plan? It is important to give yourself a little flexibility in order to increase sustainability. For example,that may mean enjoying a treat here and there or just making a healthy version of a dish you love. Flexibility and structure are equally important when it comes to maintaining any diet.

Wrap these all together and you are on your way to success! Track your macro intake to ensure you are properly fueling your body for your activity and goals. When you have an "off" day , put it behind you and back to tracking the very next day. When you switch things up make sure you track that too. Its important to see how that treat effected your macros for the day and helpful with meal exchanging.

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